"The Green Store"

Since The Man is in the grocery business, we have been anticipating the arrival of our local Fresh and Easy. It is everything I imagined and more. I had the pleasure to go for the first time today and when we pulled up (into the family-friendly parking) BLondie calls from the back seat, "go to green store now, Mommy." I had forgotten that she had already gone with him.

Anyway, the store is kinda like Trader Joe's meets Whole Foods and is a great way to change up the typical grocery store experience. They have hybrid and family parking, a food sample booth, and all their private label brand foods are trans-fat free and contain no artificial flavors or coloring.

So if it's in your neighborhood, check it out. Now, I'm hungry so I'm going to throw my dinner in the oven.


Lori said...

Utah is lame and only has Wild Oats. I guess there is a Good Earth, but it is not close to me at all and it is hard to justify driving that far for a few things. But every time I go to Vegas, I stock up on all of Trader Joe's dried fruit. Yummy flattened bananas.

Ashley Kearns said...

So, I read about this on your blog and then today I just happened to drive by one! I had to stop in, and I loved it! It was so fun! I was feeling really nerdy about how neat and fun I thought a grocery store was... anyhow, thanks for recommending it!

Garrison Propaganda said...

i love these types of stores. (especially the deli/salad counter--they always have the yummiest combos). only downfall is theyre typically overpriced. fun nonetheless.

smith scratch said...

Looks like a great store, maybe one will make it's way to the bay area. I have finally taken the Whole Foods plunge...I was fighting it, but for Jack's diet, it is just easier.

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