Sad Face


We Made It!

Last Friday Blondie and I had a "Jelly-Sandwich Picnic" in the living room. After all, we had no where else to go in the apartment stuffed full of boxes. She loved it and of course her bunny did too. (Yes, she HAS to wear the huge, pink headband, just like that.)

Troy and Kelly convinced The Man to do the move all in one day and lucky Me got to spend the evening moving boxes and furniture with the guys. (Sorry Col, I guess I did get you in these). We had a great turn out of people to help and we had the truck loaded in less than 45 minutes. We unloaded in about the same time only with less bodies and no STAIRS!
(I made a mental note on Friday of the last time I had to cart my kids down the concrete stairs of death. It was very satisfying moment.)

Where's my girl?

After I was finished unpacking the kitchen Blondie was very excited to unpack her kitchen. Her organization makes little sense to me, but a woman's kitchen is a woman's kitchen. I didn't interfere.

Yay! I can run and it doesn't have to be in circles!

This is our post-unpacking-pre-night-out picture. Blondie is stoked!


Six Months

Little Mae turned six months yesterday and I can't believe how the time has flown by. I didn't even realize that it was her "half birthday" until late in the day, so I ran off and snapped some photos of her.

This week she has started sitting up and I am so excited about it. She however, is not so excited. It makes her extremely nervous as all her muscles tighten and shake to keep her composure. After about 30 seconds she gives up her balance and her head plummets toward the floor. Sadly, I'm not always quick enough to catch her and then she lets me have it with all sorts of angry screaming. The sitting stage is great though. It means that she will soon be more capable of entertaining herself and I can't complain about that.

For the most part she is extremely easy going and happy. I love snuggling her and touching her perfectly smooth baby skin. She is such a mommy's girl, but most of all she adores her sister. All Blondie has to do is give Mae a smidgen of attention and she lights up. Of course, it has to be on Blondie's terms and only occurs once a day for about 45 seconds.

Greta's Favorites:

- Her Sister
- Her binky
- Squash, sweet potatoes, pears
- The remote
- Cell phones
- Pulling Hair (particularly Blondie's)
- Playing with and eating paper


Mixed Tapes and Perfectly Fluffed Bangs

Before we move I have made one request of The Man. He is to go through a few boxes that we have been dragging around the west for the last five years. He really is a pack rat and has such a hard time getting rid of things like:

- Crappy mixed tapes from the nineties along with a walkman that has Barbie and Power Ranger stickers on it.
- College notes (not notes from people or old girlfriends, we are talking class notes from mechanical engineering or english 101.)
- Balloons and pump from his days of making balloon animals for tips at Red Robin.
- A flask.
- A hello kitty wallet.
- Various photos that have been altered in making a calender for his family:

We also came across this beauty. Notice the perfectly fluffed bangs and my sweet floral denim jacket. Yeah, 1993 was good to me.



I was in the other room packing for our move (btw, we are moving) and I came into the living room to find little Blondie completely crashed out on the floor. If you know this girl, this is no where near typical. Shel is usually like the energizer bunny going on and on and on until we force her into bed. Not today though, evidently she has had it. The scrap of cloth that she has in her hand has been amusing her for the past few days. She found it when I was packing up my sewing things. She wraps it around her finger or arm and pretends that she is bandaging an "owie." Why do we buy toys again?

So this is pretty much what my days consist of lately. I pack 4-5 boxes a day hoping that by the time we move I'll be totally ready. I need to invest in a tape gun though, I'm getting so sick of biting the tape, having it fold over on itself, attack my fingers, and them I'm cursing to get it off only to start the process over again.

I'm so excited to be out of our little apartment. It has been really good to us, but I have felt really bad making my baby sleep everywhere from the closet to the bathroom (she keeps me up at night.) We move in like 10 days. I can't wait to live in a house where I don't have to cart my kids up and down killer stairs in 110 degree weather. Wish us luck!


"The Green Store"

Since The Man is in the grocery business, we have been anticipating the arrival of our local Fresh and Easy. It is everything I imagined and more. I had the pleasure to go for the first time today and when we pulled up (into the family-friendly parking) BLondie calls from the back seat, "go to green store now, Mommy." I had forgotten that she had already gone with him.

Anyway, the store is kinda like Trader Joe's meets Whole Foods and is a great way to change up the typical grocery store experience. They have hybrid and family parking, a food sample booth, and all their private label brand foods are trans-fat free and contain no artificial flavors or coloring.

So if it's in your neighborhood, check it out. Now, I'm hungry so I'm going to throw my dinner in the oven.



At first I wasn't so sure how I felt about the 80's coming back. I didn't actually think that it would happen. You know the leotards, huge earrings, puff-paint shirts, and perfectly fluffed bangs. I must say though, I'm really liking it.

Mae can now be seen sporting leg-warmers and Blondie prefers to wear headbands, but she only wears them like Rambo.

I must say though that the music is what I love most about the 80's. When my cousin Angie and I were little we would jump on her trampoline pretending to be famous singers. We knew the words to Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" by heart, along with "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys. My absolute favorite is "Just What I Needed" by The Cars. Even though it was written in 1978 it's so 80's to me. I could listen to it over and over.


Huckabee Schmuckabee!

I don't consider myself to much of a political person and I rarely speak out about my own political views, but I do not like Schmuckabee. He puts on a pretty TV face, but every time I hear him speak he totally gives me the creeps.

Hopefully he will continue to shoot himself in the foot for the next year and not become our next president.

That's it for politics and me posting twice in one day.




So, I got Jessica Seinfeld's new cookbook for Christmas and it is pure genius. I totally love it. I feel so sneaky and proud putting beans and veggies into Blondie's food. We tried the Macaroni with chickpeas and cauliflower last night and it was great. The only veggie that we don't currently have to force her to eat is broccoli, which for some reason she loves.

I am so excited to stock my meals with these secret concoctions, like spinach in brownies, carrot in spaghetti, and beets in chocolate cake. I'm also using the left over puree for Mae's baby food. She loves it!

"HeeHeeHee!" (that was my witch cackle)
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