Keeping the Spirit Alive

Sure, after the collapse of the gingerbread house my Christmas spirit was a little discouraged, but alas, we have recovered and are back in the true spirit of things:

We have taken family pictures,

Put up our tree,

and seen the lights.

After a week of parties, football games, and shopping we are ready to rest up...
so we can play again next week.


Lewieville said...

You always have such good pictures. What is your secret? I love that one of you and Mae. And I am so glad that the Christmas spirit has returned. Your recovered pretty quick!

Taylor Tree said...

nice recovery.

Collin Mapp said...

Will aHEm be in Valencia for the holidays?

Garrison Propaganda said...

holy cow that tree is huge! how big is it? i love that last picture...did you photshop the colors? way cute!

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