The Hap-Happiest Season of All

So, we're back again and it is nice to be home. Don't get me wrong, I love being at my in-laws, it was just really nice to sleep in my own bed last night.

We had a wonderful Christmas full of laughter, food, music, movies, shopping, and more laughter. Gardiner's are really funny. I used to think that it was weird how funny that they thought they were. They all lay around like cats and laugh at each other. Now, I look forward to these times when I can lay around and laugh with them.

Her new kitty from Grandma Roxy.

"It looks so pretty I could EAT it!"


Good MOrning!

The "Gift of Gifts." A vintage sewing machine and iron for Blondes that really work. I will be putting these on a shelf. They're rad.

This is the room that the "cat lying" takes place. It is also where random work-out sessions occur at no earlier than 11pm.

It's hard to be away from you own family during this time of year. Especially when my mom tells me of all the fun that they had been having in Nevada. We better be having Breakfast at Grandma's next year.


Trading Up

Back in September we sold our faithful little '95 Toyota Corolla and bought a Honda (scooter, that is) and Easy E has been driving it to work ever since. It was to save him time in finding a car that he liked. He hasn't complained about bad gas mileage, being stuck in traffic, or getting hop-ons, but overtime he has grown pretty tired of it. I must say that it has been rather humorous seeing a 6'2" tall man in his dress clothes driving a scooter to work in affluent Scottsdale.

Yesterday we made a big step and bought a car. A 2006 Scion xB. We have always liked them, have test driven them before, and a guy made us a great offer. Actually, it was a pretty dumb offer, so we took it and are still in shock. People either love this car, or they hate it. After driving it...we love it. We are now one of "those" people who drive the "box." He claims that it's like an ice-cream truck that has mated with a Civic.

What do you think?


Keeping the Spirit Alive

Sure, after the collapse of the gingerbread house my Christmas spirit was a little discouraged, but alas, we have recovered and are back in the true spirit of things:

We have taken family pictures,

Put up our tree,

and seen the lights.

After a week of parties, football games, and shopping we are ready to rest up...
so we can play again next week.


Peek A Boo

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