Haunted Halloween Day

We had a great Halloween and I still can't get enough candy. I have such a sweet tooth. I think it comes from Saturdays growing up when my brothers and I would ride our bikes to Skip's Mini Market, buy all the sugar we could with all the money we could scrounge up, and sit on the trampoline to devour it in one sitting.

Halloween Day we went to Easy E's office to trick-or-treat. Blondie was wide eyed and took a minute to warm up to all the new faces. When she did warm up she couldn't get enough candy. We had to dump her bucket for her to fit more in.

E was Cousin Eddy from Christmas Vacation. He was able to wear the suit (comfortably) after I took the seam in his pants out.


Lori said...

Great costumes! I was cousin eddy once. hahaha!

brettg said...

oh my gosh. eric, where did you get that suit, i've never seen anything more beautiful

Richards Ramblings said...

I've never seen anything more disturbing. Just kidding. I love it Eric. I'm only grateful to Hayley for letting the seam out so that it wasn't more disturbing. Maybe Kelly could borrow it next year, but still "NO" on the pajamas.

Taylor Tree said...

are you carrying sherek on your shoulders hayley?
i love the way eric is hold greta. what a great dad...or uncle...whatever he is. lol.

smith scratch said...

Great Cousin Eddy costume. That is too funny. The hat makes it fabulous!
Ava looks done... the boys were done at 7:30. When we realized that we were dragging them up the streets and using their hands to ring doorbells, we went home.

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