My First "Tag"

Sorry Ashley, I've been thinking about my lists all day and I'm only going to pull off "Crazy 4's." (You'd think that with my first tag I'd be more ambitious.)

8 (or in my case 4) things that I am passionate about:
  1. The Man
  2. Trying to be a good Mom
  3. Being a nurse...someday
  4. Family History type stuff

4 things I want to do before I die:

  1. Have lots of Grandchildren
  2. Go to Europe again...and really soak it in
  3. Have matching scooters with Easy E
  4. Buy a really nice California King bed

4 things I say often:

  1. "Do not go PeePee in your Big Girl Panties." (In my best mommy voice which I'm still trying to perfect.)
  2. "When are you going to be home?"
  3. "No more milk. You can have water." (If you don't know Blondie I say this about 4x a day)
  4. "Hi Sissy!" (To Mae)

4 things I have read lately:

  1. Eclipse
  2. Ensign
  3. The manual to my new camera
  4. Blogs

4 songs I could listen to over and over:

  1. Just What I Needed, The Cars
  2. True Affection, The Blow
  3. TimeBomb, Beck
  4. Dare, Gorillaz

4 things that attract me to my best friends:

  1. We think we are so funny.
  2. They are honest. Especially with the little things like spinach in your teeth.
  3. They get over it when I screw up, like it never happened...right?
  4. We can always pick up right where we left off. Even if it's been years.

4 things I have learned this year:

  1. How to Blog
  2. How to juggle a screaming infant and stubborn toddler
  3. How to be more girl-y, thanks to my girl
  4. That when I'm really sick of apartment life and desperately wanting a house The Man is usually right about waiting.

4 people who should do crazy 8's:

  1. Aly
  2. Kiersten
  3. Shelly
  4. Traci
  5. and how could i forget...MOnica


Kearns Family said...

I love it Hayley! It is so fun to get to know you better through blogging!!!


Kearns Family said...

Soo...this is such a small world... I used to be in this girls night out group with Corrine Christian. She is good friends with my really good friend Jessica. Anyhow, small world!


monica carlson said...

fun times... too bad i didn't get invited. ha ha just joking. but seriously, couldn't you have fit one more name on your list?

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

So have you been doing lots with geneology? You'll have to help me with mine, I've wanted to do it for a while, but it is just so overwhelming to me- I don't even know how to get started!

Lewieville said...

Okay I will give it a shot, you have to give me time to think about it!!

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