Mae's Day

We blessed little Mae last Sunday in Valencia with plenty of friends and family around to share the love.

We also attempted to take a family picture but failed. Blondie refuses to look at the camera, Mae is squirming and screaming, and The Man closes his eyes. You can tell that through my smile I'm saying, "Take the dang picture before I drop this baby."

So, there you have it our little girl is 6 weeks old. Here is a sweeter photo of her and her little chubbiness.


smith scratch said...

We are so glad that you are back home. Mae is really adorable in that last picture! I think that her and Jack are going to have a lot of fun in about 4 months. :]

Taylor Tree said...

greta is so sweet in the last picture! so, you did buyt that wood braclet. i love the outfit.

Richards Ramblings said...

The family picture is a classic and sadly you will have more to add to that collection as they get older. My sister's family is finally at that stage where they all cooperate and take a nice picture ( her kids are much older). I'm very envious. The pictures of you and Mae are so adorable. Definitely ones to frame. She is so cute you just want to squeeze her.

Deborah Gardiner said...

Loved the photos and having the family with us. Hayley you do a great job of keeping everyone informed. Our weather is supposed to cool off but lately I feel like I live in Arizona. You missed a big fire in Agua Dolce, it's in an area that Kent bike rides and I believe it is still burning... Love to all for now, Deborah

Tiffany said...

I love your serious face in that last one. Very thoughtful. Welcome back, we missed you guys.

Crew members: said...


Oh I love it--I am a MAE!!

So sweet.

Andrea (Hyde) Hill

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