Stupid Questions

You know how every mom ask those stupid questions? For instance: Do you want to go to time out? Are you deaf? Why are you licking your hands and wiping them all over the sliding glass door?

Here is my stupid question for the day:

Me: Hey, what are you doing?
Blondie: Caur, Caur
Me: Do you want your chair to be purple?
Blondie: Okay mommy, puple! (as she is running to get another crayon)


Smiles and Tears

Mae is the sweetest little baby. She is very talkative and loves to coo and smile. She isn't the least bit shy about it and I eat it up. She had her 8 week check today and shots. Needless to say, she wasn't too smiley afterward. I felt like I had betrayed her since she had no idea it was coming then...BAM! Three sticks in the thighs. Her face turned so red and her wide open mouth was purple. She recovered after some cuddling and took a nice nap. I think the screaming really wore her out.
She is in the 75th %tile for her weight and 95th for her height. It makes a nursing mother so proud to see their little one all chubby, happy, and thriving. It's like "Oh, this actually works!"


Curly Sue

Sunday morning I considered myself brave as I put Blondie's hair into sponge curlers not knowing what the outcome would be. I thought for sure that she would either look like a clown or like my late Grandma Lewis (due to the whiteness of her hair). To my surprise she thought that the curlers were "pree" and actually didn't put up much of a fuss or rip them out.
This is her little version of "Blue Steel:"



That Nasty Bunny

I was at my friend Mandy's yesterday and noticed a sweet new little bunny that her daughter had just gotten for her birthday. I looked a little closer and sure enough it slightly resembled Blondie's nasty "MeMe," But Grace's was so sweet, clean, and nice smelling. Here is a before and after just so you can have a clearer idea of what I'm talking about:

So what do you think...time for a new bunny? She is pretty attached. She breastfeeds him, tries to change his diaper, and loves to put him nigh-night. I hate him. He is smelly (no matter how often I throw him in the washer), nappy, and ugly. I'm afraid though that she would reject a replacement and only would want the original MeMe back.


Cribs are for BABIES!

After we got home from CA we decided it was the best time to move Blondie into her new bed. We took down the crib and really played up the whole "cribs are for babies thing." after some time and coaxing she finally went to sleep. The next day for her nap I implemented Super Nanny's trusty technique to get her to stay put. At first when she came out (giggling) I stated in my best English accent, "It's naptime darling." I gave her a kiss and put her back. The next time I just said "naptime," and each (about 20) subsequent time(s) I didn't say a thing. Tonight she hasn't come out once. Thanks Super Nanny!


Mae's Day

We blessed little Mae last Sunday in Valencia with plenty of friends and family around to share the love.

We also attempted to take a family picture but failed. Blondie refuses to look at the camera, Mae is squirming and screaming, and The Man closes his eyes. You can tell that through my smile I'm saying, "Take the dang picture before I drop this baby."

So, there you have it our little girl is 6 weeks old. Here is a sweeter photo of her and her little chubbiness.
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