Life in the Volvo

Last Saturday we left the heat of Phoenix on our adventure through Nevada and California. The Man has 2 Weeks paternity leave from work so we are taking advantage of the time off to be with our families.
We traveled 13 hours to Fallon through possibly the most barren part of the west and stopped in Goldfield , NV where they were having "Goldfield Days". Talk about the most pathetic street fair I have ever seen and when Snaggletooth wanted to touch my newborn baby I decided it was time to go. I used to be defensive about the landscape in Nevada, but now I agree with E when he says "barren wasteland". The drive was so long especially with 2 kids under 2. Gratefully Mae slept the whole way and Blondie was pleasant until the last hour or so.

We spent a few days at my parents house in Fallon and Blondie loved getting reaquainted with her cousins. On Wednesday we went to Tahoe with Lindy, Kiersten, my mom and the kids. I don't remember South Tahoe being so beautiful.
We are now in Valencia with E's family enjoying another break from our car.

Pictures will follow when we get home...


Taylor Tree said...

i miss my friend. call me when your home. i hope you drive safely!

and baby makes three said...

i just finished cracking up after reading your story about snaggletooth. don't let the desert get you down, hayley.

Richards Ramblings said...

Great job listening to those "Mother's instinct" when Snaggletooth came by! Gross! I really hope you took lots of pictures. Hurry home! Our family is in Gardiner withdrawls. Jackson is very persistent about going to your house.

Kiersten Matt Ezra Eliza said...

I'm sure it's great to be back home and out of the car! It was so wonderful to see you guys. I need to discuss Disney Land with Matt, but I think it's a pretty good possability! Have fun recovering from your trip!

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