Lake Tahoe

From Fallon we traveled to South Lake Tahoe and spent the night there with the J. Lewis clan. I forgot how much I love and miss the mountains, fresh air, and clear water.


Richards Ramblings said...

Too fun! I love the pictures that we all have been known to have taken by holding the camera out in front of you. I know that Kelly and I still have only a handful of pictures where someone has actually taken them for us. Anytime on vacation though ... it's us holding the camera or single shots.
Ava looks totally enamored with everyone. Definitely happy!

Taylor Tree said...

so lindy's babies hair is the color of ava's... cool. i love all the blue eyes. oh, how i miss tahoe! it makes me nauseated to see pictures of nevada. i miss it so much. i'm such a drama queen. out of sight out of mind. i shouldnta looked at your blog.

Taylor Tree said...

btw, cute suit!! is that the one you chose?

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