a shadow

it's true that once you have a moblie child you are never alone. i don't mind it though, it's flattering that she thinks i'm cool and always wants to be near me. when i'm cooking she is cooking, when i'm at the computer or sewing she is on my lap, and when i'm doing the dishes she is eager to help. i know that it won't last forever, so i relish in it.


Taylor Tree said...

i feel exactly the same!!

Rob*Sheena*Jonah*Lucy said...

Jonah is always wanting to "help" too. I just look at it this way--as soon as he's old enough--I can really put him to work and sit back and relax! I'm all for child labor!

Kearns Family said...

Bailey is the same way... thanks for the reminder to "relish" in it and not want to be left alone! :)


Lori said...

Cohen is always on my lap when I sew, too. I usually don't mind, except when he puts the feed dogs in reverse. AHHH!

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