Happy 4th

Not being home in Fallon for the 4th and camping at the lake with my family has taken some getting used to. Yesterday, I was wishing that we had a boat, a camper, and all of our family around to wakeboard, ski, fix the boat (it's tradition for the Lewis' to break down), play horseshoes, swim, and cook with. I always miss my mom's dutch oven cooking.

This year swimming and a BBQ by the pool (yeah in 115 degree weather), had to suffice. The Man had the day off so he took Blondie to her swimming lesson. It's not so much a swimming lesson as trying to get her to peel her arms off from around you neck for 30 minutes.


Taylor Tree said...

hopefully ava will do better this year than she did last year in swim lessons. :) (was that last year?) do you have your phone yet?

Rob*Sheena*Jonah*Lucy said...

115 degrees! How do you do it??! You're poor little baby is baking....she'll be so relieved to be out!

Lori said...

If you put "Sun In" in Ava's hair, do you think it could get any lighter?

Lewieville said...

Jessalyn is the same way at swim lessons (when we were home to go to them!) She also hated doing what everyone else was, she had to do things on her own time! At least it looks like Ava participates.

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