the family jewels

not only do we now have a newborn baby, but we also suddenly got a toddler. blondie is turning into a kid more and more every day. i first noticed it upon changing her diaper after i changed mae's. i guess that you can understand if you have 2 kids and know what it's like to change a little red bottom then a huge white one.

on sunday she came home from a walk with the man crying. she was digging in the dirt and had tiny cactus needles all over her fingers, which we had to find and pull out with tweezers.

on monday we had our first outing as a family of four. mae needed to see the pediatrician and we had a few errands to run. blondie and i went into target. she wouldn't hold my hand and decided to pull every bra at her level off the racks. i can't lift her and she fights me the whole way out to the car skinning her knees on the cement. the man took her into the grocery store next, where she dropped a jar of pickles, shattering it on the floor. he notices that she is bleeding when he feels blood trickle on his foot. he looks down and sees a shard of glass protruding from her ankle and blood all over the floor. he goes to customer service and asks for a first aid kit. the lady responds that they have one, but doesn't go to get it. imagine the man's tone as he says "excuse me, but my daughter is bleeding all over your store. can i get some help." of course, then about 4 people respond.

toddlers and newborns. there you have it.


Richards Ramblings said...

Love the pictures and can't wait to squeeze little Mae again. She is getting so stinkin' cute (more and more every day). I don't know how you can even stand it.
Glad to know that Ava goes through jewelry wherever she is. That's what she looks like when she comes over to my house too (except she is really nervous about getting the bracelets since it is right next door to where we keep the dog). It's a true test of bravery. However, I have never seen her run as fast as when she has gotten what she wanted and then hears the dog. Her whole body wiggles out of control. It's pretty hilarious!

Rob*Sheena*Jonah*Lucy said...

I was laughing so hard reading this (sorry to laugh at your pain) but I feel like you were writing about my life!! ESPECIALLY the whole changing diapers thing. Jonah's bum is NOT cute and is so large and meaty. I feel like I'm changing a 13 year old with his grown up man poo.

But somehow we'll manage to do it--and we'll probably even someday have a THIRD--can you even imagine??!

You're doing great and your gilrs are so cute!

Collin Mapp said...

Too cute! Oh, the babies are cute, too.

Lewieville said...

YES!! I totally understand. That sounds like my life as well. Jessalyn hasn't quite had the outing poor Ava did, but she is giving us a run for our money. Hopefully she is learning quickly that just because we are tied up with Colby, it doesn't mean that we aren't noticing what she is doing!! Oh isn't it great!

CChristianmomma said...

Oh boy, I'm in for it. Hayley, you are scaring me. I can only imagine what Brielle is going to do when we take her out later. I'm glad all is well now. Ava is surely asserting her independence in all this. Mae is so cute w/ all that hair. I gotta go, Aria, is ready to eat.
Love ya!

kimhumpherys said...

After Brookelyn was born I felt the same thing about Tyler's bottom..he,he..he was potty trained within 6 months after that! But seriously, your story kept me smiling and reminding me of all the good times that I'm glad I've easily forgotten..he,he..Tyler did the same thing with a jug of milk he dropped it at Sam's club and seriously exploded the 5 people behind us with milk..no joke..I had to give the guy behind me something to dry his glasses with..so embarrassing! He,he..it's a fun ride..enjoy!!!

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