risky business

being only 2.5 weeks from my due date we went to l.a. to be with family for grandpa gardiner's funeral. knowing that the baby could come we packed the infant carseat, hospital bag, and made the trip. the man joked about printing instructions off the internet on how to deliver a baby in the car. to our relief the baby was still in my belly by the time we arrived home.

friday we enjoyed a day at the beach in malibu and to my surprise, blondie insisted on covering herself and the family in sand (she typically hates being dirty). at first, she wanted nothing to do with the water, but grew to love it. i felt terrible because she got a little sunburned, although it didn't seem to affect her.

her favorite things to do at grandpa's are: find the kitties, pick green tomatoes and feed them to grandma, assist in ping-pong matches, play with aunt rachel's hair (knot it), take pictures, and explore


Rob*Sheena*Jonah*Lucy said...

You guys are so brave taking a road trip.....I hated going as far as the grocery store with 2 weeks left! I love the pic you and Ava!

Kearns Family said...

Hayley! This is so fun that we found each other through blogger! Your family is beautiful! Good luck on the new little one. Two is an adjustment, but well worth it! What are you going to name her?

Taylor Tree said...

you look soooo good hayley!! is your middle name "danger"?

smith scratch said...

hay hayley, you look really great. i can't wait to meet the tiny gardiner. i wish i could be on the california beach, actually at this point any beach would do. i feel like i am being cooked alive.
(that is how to say my name when your nose is stuffy)

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