she hates to be interrupted during her own designated "playtime." in the mornings after breakfast i often catch her dragging out her purse "pur", old cell phone "hone", her bunny "Meme", a burp cloth to be used as a blaket or for the bunny, and various other trinkets. she sits in her chair and tells Meme to go nigh-night, gives him a kiss, covers him up, puts her purse on and says "bye." she'll do this over and over. occasionally getting frustrated and telling Meme "no-no" when the burp cloth won't cooperate with her. i sit and watch her laughing to myself and imaging what it'll be like to have two little girls. she is going ot be a great big sister!


the girl that giggles

giggles from gardiner4 on Vimeo

waiting for baby

pregnancy pictures by request! it is so hot here and you can see how the heat is affecting us, nonetheless we are so excited to have our new baby. we are trying to be patient and trust that she will come when she is good and ready. yes, i cut my hair again. i don't know what makes me think that i can do it by myself, but it has worked out well. i just try to do what they do in the salon and it ends up working out. sure beats paying $20-$40.


...and here it is

my first post...yea! we'll see if i can keep it going. these pictures are just too sweet not to share. my man is such a great dad and is always willing to help with blondie. especially when it comes to bedtime. i don't know that we will ever have a boy because he is so good at taking care of his girls. speaking of...we only have 3.5 weeks left until our new little girl is here. i can't wait and have been sensing the "nesting instinct" coming on. i have this new found energy and am busily organizing the house. i even cleaned under the bathroom sink yesterday!
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