It's true that January isn't my favorite.
It's cold and drab mostly. Spring is still far away, I feel uninspired, the snow isn't quite as exciting  as it once was and the sun doesn't shine as often.
It's also cold.
So cold.
And we have to wear pants. Some of us (Rose) hate pants.


With working now I'm more content to be at home with these two on my days off. I feel like we have a good balance and routine.
Rosie and Roo are the best little buddies. I'm convinced a little more all the time that Rosie's fun timing in coming to our family was part of a greater plan - although it's taken me 3+ years to admit it.
Morning's when the sun blasts through our east facing windows are my favorite.


And even though it's a bit drab we have been blessed with some pretty beautiful things.
Like breathtaking sunsets.


And seasonal adventures.


Ice skating.

Untitled  Untitled

Snowflake tasting.


And lots and lots of visits to the new coffee/ice cream shop in town.



And finally a day in ski-school for the older 3. They will just need one more class until they graduate and can take on the mountain. 


a New Year

We truly had a fantastic 2014!

Colorado has become home to us and we love it here. 

We have found ourselves really enjoying the stage we are in with our little family. The girls are so much fun at their current ages. 

We have explored, played, succeeded, and loved connecting with our friends and family. 

2015 will bring some new challenges as I am working again, but we hope it doesn't hold us back too much. 

Happy 2015!!



Gardiners 2014


I am sort of cheap when it come to family photos. 

I usually just try to find a photographer who is just starting out and needs practice or I convince a friend or family member who has a steady hand and a good eye to just push the button on my camera then I will do a little editing in Photoshop. 

It isn't fool-proff, but mostly it works out just fine for us. 

This year at Thanksgiving I handed my camera off to my sister-in-law Steph and she was able to nab a few good ones. 


As I was setting it up I took a few of E and the girls. 


And it turns out that this is about my favorite photo ever.  The girls clambering over E, Rosie and Gigi with their sweet hands clenching him, GM classically being a little extreme, and Ava with her grace ever so slightly leaning into her dad.


There is also this one - which pretty much sums up what things are like in our house. 

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