On Going Back


For months we have been itching to get to Breckenridge to visit the Ice Castles but the time never seemed quite right to make the drive worth it. 

IMG_7067 IMG_7069

We finally got there just before they closed up shop for the season on a cold March day. I think the high was 21 degrees and we were completely freezing, but prepared in our snow gear. The girl's loved exploring the ice sculptures, the cave, and collecting broken bits of ice to "take home." :)

After spending just an hour at the castles we thawed out, had some delicious burgers then walked around Brek a little. It's a super cute little resort town! With our bellies full and our experience complete we trekked back home through the mountains still wondering if the trip was really worth it. Sure we had fun, but it was also expensive and quite the drive for such a limited experience. 


A week or so later when the sun was out and beautiful we headed up to the mountains near Boulder after church with a picnic in hand.


I think the girls have turned into little mountain goats. 


We hiked a short (and miserable) hike with Rosie screaming the entire way to the thawing Gross Reservoir.

IMG_7126 IMG_7115

As you can imagine most outings with 4 small children are challenging and it's easy to wonder, like with the castles, if it's really worth the time, preparation, and effort.

We sometimes struggle to keep our cool and the kids always find something to complain about - but you know, those things aren't what we remember. We remember the sweet little moments. 

We remember seeing the majestic mountains and throwing rock after rock on the ice.

We remember GM always being the leader on the trail and the first one to the destination. 

We remember Ava sculpting artwork into the warm sand.

We remember Roo snuggled up against her dad away from the icy breeze coming off the lake. 

Sure we also remember Rosie's unfortunate tantrum where she lost her shoe and almost climbed out of the backpack carrier on the way down, but mostly we remember the good times. 

And that is why we will always go back. It is always worth it - the memories, the time together, and yes even the mishaps. 

See you on the mountain. 


Bootcamp and a Birthday


At the beginning of March a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be her +1 at bootcamp for a "bring a friend for free" session. It was just what I knew I needed to jump start me back to an active lifestyle after hibernating all winter. How could I say no???

I won't lie. It sucked getting up every morning in the bitter cold and layering on a hat and gloves while driving in the dark to a mysterious challenging workout. 

Running, sit-ups, pushups, burpees, dips, squats, tucks, lunges, throwing tires around, flipping tractor tires, hopping stairs, jerking a tractor chain up in the air, sprinting - it's exhausting just typing it!!! 

After a week or so I was pleased to see my strength take a corner and my progression start rise. By the end of the month I was not only stronger, but faster. I went from only being able to do 12 pushups to almost 30! 

Since bootcamp has ended and I have picked up running again I have increased my pace by 1 minute/mile without even really trying. When I was training for Ragnar I never ran under 10 min/mile. This morning I ran 3 miles in 27 minutes!!!  

After feeling this great and reaping the benefits from pushing myself I decided that Easy needed to do it to. I signed him up for the next session. Happy Birthday Babe!


Easy turned 34 on the 26th. We celebrated at home with a fancy dinner (i.e. candles and a tablecloth) Tikka Masala, naan, and Basmati Rice.


For dessert I made a chocolate caramel cheesecake that knocked all of our socks off. 


The girls in this house really dig this guy.

Ava made him ridiculously cute homemade pop-up card. GM made a paper Kindle with a case. Roo gave hime a cute homemade "toy" that was basically folded up paper, tape, a lot of glue, with a jewel attached on top. 
I gave him his own (real) Kindle - he keeps stealing mine + the bootcamp gift with energy bars and a new athletic shirt for those chilly early mornings. He's not really excited about bootcamp, but he accepted it with a smile. It's okay. I think he will probably hate me for it the first week then hopefully  thank me more sincerely after the month is over. :)


2014: Year of the Quilts

Untitled Untitled

A few months ago I made a little quilt for our sweet new nephew.

Through every stage the girl's oooo-ed and awed over how cute it was and how excited they were to meet the new little guy. They would sit and admire the woodland scene chosen for the backing while I stitched away. All the while they would be saying things like, "Can you make me a quilt? Oh mom I want my own quilt so bad!"

And everytime I thought about making them each one I got overwhelmed and would groan internally - Easy had mentioned me making them quilts before. No was my response. Not going to happen. They have blankets.  Plus, I'm not really a quilter and even worse is that I would have to make 4!


I finally recognized that if I did make them each a quilt they would probably snuggle up to it at night, cherish it forever, and hand it down to their babies. There is so much love that goes into quilting. I should pour some of that into my own daughters, right? Right.

So this is when I gave in and started getting inspired.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.35.51 PM

If you follow me on Pinterest maybe you have seen this coming. Eeek! 

I went to look at fabric the other day and after becoming overwhelmed (again) I decided to just take it one at a time. If I don't get them done by this Christmas then I will shoot for 2015. 

Or 2016. 

Or 2017. 

And so on. 

One thing for sure is that little Luke Skywalker is definitely enjoying his. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.45.13 PM


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